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Metro-Switch Model 8261 2.16 GbE switch

Metro-Switch Model 8261 12-port
12-port multi-layer managed switch

Metro-Switch Model 8261-RTM

Metro-Switch Model 8261-RTM
Optional 12-port RJ-45 RTM

Online Documentation Please see our Gigabit Ethernet Driver page for more information on our drivers for this controller.

  • Available in RoHS or standard IPC leaded models
  • Remote network switch management available via Telnet
  • 12-port PIGMG 2.16/VITA 31.1 6U gigabit switch fabric card
  • Operates in unmanaged, lightly managed or fully managed modes
  • Full management capabilities supported by various 3rd party switch and network management vendors
  • Ruggedized models available with extended temperature (-40C - +85C) and MIL-SPEC conformal coating (-R1, -R2)
  • On-board management firmware kernel with CLI -- enables advanced features of multilayer switch required for specialized applications
  • Accessible onboard SNMP MIB and RMON counters
  • Switches all ports to backplane or rear I/O (available w/12-port RJ-45 RTM)
  • Optionally provides two 1000-BaseSX/LX gigabit fiber uplinks
  • 850nm multimode and 1310nm singlemode transceiver options
  • Simultaneous, fully independent operation on all ports - 32M pps - 24 Gb/sec
  • 4 multi-function LEDS per port
Model 8261 12-port PICMG 2.16

DSS Network's Metro-Switch Model 8261 is an advanced high-performance, full-featured multilayer 6U Gigabit Ethernet switch fabric board. It features 12 ports of 10/100/1000 Base T Gigabit Ethernet over Copper with two 1000 Base SX/LX fiber uplinks. It is PICMG 2.16 fabric card compliant and compatible with both standard Compact PCI and PICMG 2.16 backplanes. All 12-ports may be routed to slots on the Compact PCI backplane or externally via rear I/O. A system management interface is also supported via the PICMG 2.9 IPMI interface. It optionally supports two 1000 base SX/LX gigabit fiber ports with standard 850nm or 1310nm SFF LC connectors via the front panel. It has an onboard RISC/DSP processor for local management and can be operated as a standalone lightly managed or fully managed switch. LEDS are provided for each port showing link status, transmit and receive and link quality. All LEDS are multifunction and can be used for additional functions including cable testing and energy detection. It is also PICMG 2.1 R2.0 hot-swap compliant providing support for the hardware connection layer.

The model 8261 uses the latest advanced high-performance, full-featured and highly integrated 12-port Broadcom BCM5690/BCM5695/BCM5696 multilayer switches and BCM5464SR quad-port transceivers and is fully 802.3 compliant. It provides a fully non-blocking 24Gb/32 million frames per second aggregate switching fabric. The switching function supports an extended list of features including layer 3 switching, link aggregation, 802.1Q VLANs, 802.1D spanning tree and priority-based 802.1D/802.1p CoS/traffic class expediting and dynamic multicast filtering.

The Model 8261 has an onboard microcontoller and serial port CLI for operating in unmanaged and lightly managed modes. In addition, many 3rd party vendors offer fully managed switch and network management software supporting the industry standard Broadcom switch device(s) on the Model 8261.

The Metro-Switch model 8261 12-port switch is targeted for OEMs and Systems Integrators for use in Data and Telecommunications products including switches, multiplexers, edge routers, media gateways and video broadcasting equipment. It is well suited for support of embedded broadband applications including Internet voice, digital video, IP security, network monitoring, military applications and test equipment. Ruggedized models including extended temperature and conformal coating are available.
Metro-Switch Model 8261 12-port
  • 4th generation BCM5690/BCM5695/BCM5696 switch fabric and BCM5464SRKB quad port transceivers from Broadcom
  • High performance wire speed on all ports - 24Gb aggregate total
  • Up to 32,000,000 frames per second maximum switching rate
  • Onboard firmware for configuration, management and health monitoring
  • Cell and packet based "head of line" blocking prevention
  • 1MB of onboard memory for packet buffering
  • Extended ethernet frame sizes to 9KB
  • Fully compliant to IEEE 802.3 specifications including auto negotiation
  • Rules-based layer 2-7 packet classification & filtering
  • 4 multi-function LEDS per port
  • 850nm multimode or 1310nm singlemode fiber LC connectors
  • PICMG 2.16 6U fabric card compliant
  • PICMG 2.9 hot-swap compliant for hardware connection layer
  • 32-bit, 66 MHZ PCI bus interface
  • 802.1Q VLANs, 802.1D spanning tree and priority-based 802.1D/802.1p CoS
  • Onboard Motorola DSP56F826 80 MHZ RISC/DSP processor for local management
  • Serial port for console CLI and debug
  • JTAG port supports 3rd party IDE and debugger
  • Packets can be routed over PCI bus to external processor
  • RMON, SNMP, Ethernet and extended MIB Statistics
  • FCC compliant
Metro-Switch Model 8261 12-port
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