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GigMAC PMC-X Model 5264

GigMAC PMC Model 5264

Online Documentation Please see our Gigabit Ethernet Driver page for more information on our drivers for this controller.
  • RoHS compliant
  • Highly efficient bus-master PCI-X DMA engine design and advanced CPU-offload features
  • Fully PCI-X capable on primary and secondary interfaces (backwards compatible with 64/66 PCI)
  • New ultra-low power transceiver consumes < 1 watt per port
  • Simultaneous, fully independent operation on all four ports
  • New fully shielded low-profile recessed RJ-45(s)
  • Integrated single chip - dual port mac-phy devices (2X)
  • High performance, wire speed transmissions, bus master DMA over 64-bit, 66MHZ PCI
  • Small form factor PMC mezzanine card design
  • Provides 1 bi-color multi-function LED per port
  • VxWorks (5.4/5.5/6.x), Linux (2.4/2.6) and Windows (2000, XP) driver support available
  • Tornado 2.2 vxWorks 5.5/Workbench vxWorks 6.x support includes PowerPC and Intel pcPentium4 / Xeon BSP(s)
  • Optional driver support for link aggregation, load balancing,
    fail over and fall-back
  • Ruggedized models available with extended temperature (-40C - +85C) and MIL-SPEC conformal coating (-R1, -R2)

Model 5264

DSS Network's GigMAC PMC Model 5264 is a quad-port high performance Gigabit Ethernet controller card for embedded applications in broadband Telecommunication and Datacommunications networks. It provides four fully independent 1000 Base T Gigabit Ethernet ports over CAT5 cabling and is fully IEEE 802.3 compliant.

It uses an advanced 4th generation, high-performance, low power Gigabit Ethernet NH82546GB MAC/PHY/Serdes chip from Intel. It provides an onboard intelligent PCI-X based DMA engine and supports wire-speed 64-bit bus-master DMA operations utilizing maximum PCI bandwidth. It also has an onboard Intel 31154 PCI-X to PCI-X bridge with 8K FIFO's allowing bus speeds of 133/100/66 MHZ, 64-bit bus width.

The GigMAC PMC Model 5264 is an ideal solution for today's converged, bandwidth intensive, multi-protocol networks. Applications include switches, edge routers, media gateways, broadcast transmission, digital video and audio, streaming media, internet voice, network security and monitoring, storage area networks and digital imaging products.

This product is available with an OEM Developer Kit containing VxWorks (5.4/5.5/6.x), Linux (2.4/2.6) and Windows (2000, XP) device drivers, sample code, utilities, release notes, user manuals, integration guide and datasheets.
  • Chipset: Latest generations Intel HN82546GB PCI-X MAC/PHY-Serdes coupled with Intel 31154 high performance PCI-X to PCI-X bridge with 8K FIFOs for wire-speed transfers over all 4-ports
  • Up to 1,000,000 frames per second maximum transfer rate
  • IEEE 1386 64-Bit Compact PCI PMC Mezzanine Card
  • VxWorks (5.4/5.5/6.x), Linux (2.4/2.6) and Windows (2000, XP) driver support available
  • Tested in both CompactPCI and Embedded Mezzanine environments
  • Supports 10/100/1000 auto negotiation
  • Fully compliant to IEEE 802.3 and 803.ab copper specifications
  • Low power: less than 6W at 3.3V on all four ports in gigabit mode
  • 2 bi-color LEDS per port, link and activity
  • Integrated onboard dual-port magnetics
  • Fully shielded CAT5 RJ-45 Connectors and Aluminum Front Panel
  • Utilizes existing CAT5 and CAT5e cabling for increased investment protection
  • PCI-X 1.0 and PCI Rev 2.2 compliant
  • Highly integrated, low chip count
  • Big or Little Endian
  • Uses J11, J12 and J13 PMC Connectors
  • Extended status and statistics
  • Drop-in modular solution
  • FCC compliant
  • Available with OEM Developer Kit

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