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GigPrPmc Model 7463 Gigabit Processor PMC-X

GigPMC-Switch Model 7463

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- Benefits
  • Vita 32 compliant Processor PMC card
  • RoHS compliant
  • Provides two 1000-Base-X Gigabit Ethernet pluggable SFP ports and one 10/100 Fast Ethernet port
  • 833 MHZ Freescale 8540 multi-processor with embedded Gigabit MACs
  • Onboard serial port console and JTAG debug port
  • 10/100 port accessible via RJ-45 or backplane via PICMG 2.15 compliant interface
  • Up to 512 MB DDR333 memory module
  • Up to 32 MB onboard flash (typical 16MB) for Embedded Linux, loader and BSP
  • Support for 1000-Base-T (copper) SFP modules
  • Host PCI-X bus interface -- throughput to 490MB/sec (3.92Gb)
  • Provides two quad multifunction LEDS for Link, RX, TX and status
  • Avaliable with Linux SDK

Model 7463 GigPrPMC Description

DSS Network's GigPMC Switch Model 7463 features an onboard 833 MHZ Freescale 8540 processor, 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports using SFP (mini-GBIC's) supporting both 1000 Base-X and 1000-Base T in gigabit mode. It is designed to be used as an embedded Network Processor Engine for offloading the primary management processor of network intensive computing and network I/O tasks. Natively, the Model 7463 runs the popular Linux 2.4/2.6 operating System which contains a rich protocol stack suite including TCP/UDP/IP, SNMP agent Web Browser and Network Router among other network facilities. A full Open Source SDK is available with this product (currently based on Linux 2.4). Two of the Ethernet ports have onboard SFP connectors which support both fiber and copper plug in modules or 1000-Base-X backplane connections. The 3rd port is a 10/100 Ethernet connected both to an external RJ-45 or PICMG 2.15 compliant backplane also on the JN4 connector.

The Model 7463 supports up to 512MB of DDR333 memory and 32 MB of Flash for an embedded onboard operating system. It can be operated in both Monarch and non-Monarch modes. Additionally, it also provides a serial port available through unused pins on the RJ-45 with a splitter cable provided. Both 1000-Base-X Gigabit ports as well as the 10/100 Ethernet port have front panel or backplane configurable options and are routed to the JN4 connector for 2.15 compliant backplane applications. Possible board-level configurations for the Model 7473 include use as a standalone processor, as co-processors hosted by a SBC with 1394 compliant PMC sites or as a dual processor configuration on a Compact PCI or VME carrier card.

The Model 7463 is capable of running all Gigabit and 10/100 ports Ethernet ports at wire-speed and includes a PCI-X host-bus interface throughput of up to 490 MB/sec depending on SBC and System Controller used.

The Model 7463 GigPr-PMC is available with an OEM Developers Kit containing a Linux 2.4 operating system, BSP, Uboot boot loader and documentation. It also supports a JTAG debug interface and can be used with Open Source Linux, Metrowerks or VxWorks development tool chains.

Features and Specifications
  • Onboard 833 MHZ MPC8540 Integrated Multiprocessor
  • 133/100/66 MHZ - 32/64 bit PCI/PCI-X bus interface
  • Broadcom BCM5464SR 1000-Base-X/1000-Base-T quad port transceiver
  • Intel LXT971A 100/100 fast Ethernet transceiver, magnetics and RJ-45
  • Dual SFP connectors supporting fiber and copper SFP modules
  • SFP support for 1000-Base-SX (850nm multimode), 1000-Base-LX (1310nm singlemode) and CWDM wavelength modules
  • Support for PC2100 (DDR266) and PC2700 (DDR333) SDRAM modules up to 512MB
  • Up to 32MB onboard flash programmable via OnICE JTAG port
  • Ready to run with factory programmed with Embedded Linux 2.4, Uboot bootloader and BSP
  • Fully compliant to IEEE 1384, Vita 32 and 802.3 specifications
  • Quad multifunction LED for each port (typically link, TX, RX and Status)
  • PCI Rev 2.2 and PCI-X 1.0 compliant
  • Available with Embedded Development Kit for PowerPC

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