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August 24, 2001 -- DSS Networks announces two new additions to the expanding family of Gigabit Ethernet products targeted for Embedded Network Applications. DSS Networks is a manufacturer of Broadband Networking products including Gigabit Ethernet, Sonet and ATM and sells products to OEMs, VARs and Systems Integrators.

One board offers a single port CAT5 compliant Gigabit Ethernet Copper Interface in a 64-bit PCI Mezzanine (PMC) form factor suitable for embedded enclosures and operates in 33 or 66 MHZ PCI mode. This board offers the latest Ultra-Lower Power PHY on the market today utilizing less than 1 watt. The other offers a single port 1.25 Gigabit Fiber Optic interface utilizing a small form factor (SFF LC) connector type also in a PCI Mezzanine Card form factor supporting a 64 bit, 66 MHZ PCI interface.

Both of these products offer excellent performance and value and are targeted for use in Data and Telecommunications products including Switches, Routers, Gateways, Servers and Internet Appliances and are well suited for supporting embedded applications including Internet Voice, Digital Video and Network Attached Storage. These products are available today and come complete with Software Development Kits containing VxWorks, Windows and Linux device drivers, library software, utilities and documentation.


DSS Networks, Inc. is a privately held revenue sustained corporation located in Lake Forest, CA and designs and manufactures embedded high-performance next generation Broadband Networking products based on technologies including Gigabit Ethernet, 10-Gigabit Ethernet and WDM (CWDM/DWDM) -- for architectures based on open standards including IEEE 1386 PMC/PMC-X, PCI/PCI-X, PCI-Express (PCIe), CompactPCI, PICMG 2.16 PSB, PICMG 3.0 ATCA, AdvancedMC (AMC) and MicroTCA (uTCA).

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DSS News

At the RTECC Show in Washington DC, DSS Networks Announced a New Family of 3U Compact PCI Network Cards to Address New Market Demands.

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DSS Networks Today Announced a New Reduced Cost 12-Port PICMG 2.16 Compliant Gigabit Ethernet Backplane Switch Fabric Card Targeted at High Volume OEMS.

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DSS Networks today announced the innovative evolution of it's Model 6468 as an intelligent quad port Gigabit Ethernet server adapter with an onboard level 2 switch providing an independent bypass feature.

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DSS Networks today announced a dual port Gigabit Ethernet PMC with SC-type transceivers supporting multiple fiber transceiver wavelength options and ruggedized features for MIL-AERO.

DSS News

DSS Networks Today Announced a Next-Gen RoHS Compliant PCI-X Based Quad Port Gigabit Ethernet PMC for Telecom, Mil-Aero and Industrial Apps.

DSS News

DSS Networks Today Announced Entry into the ATCA, MicroTCA and AdvancedMC Product Market with a New Family of AdvancedMC Cards.

DSS News

DSS Networks today announced another highly differentiated extreme performance Network Product -- a new dual port Gigabit Ethernet PMC Controller with pluggable SFP transceivers supporting both fiber and copper.

DSS News

DSS Networks today announced another highly differentiated extreme performance Network Product -- a multi-port Processor PMC Gigabit Ethernet Network Processor Engine.

DSS News

DSS Networks today announced first to market extreme performance PCI-Express Switch/Interface product.

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